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"I cannot give enough praise about the integrity and quality of service that we have received from EEO Made Simple (EMSC). We are a Fortune 100 company with many US locations, so we receive several OFCCP compliance audits each year. The team at EMSC works closely with us in the preparation of the affirmative action plans, reconciliation of the data and coaching on what to submit to the OFCCP. That has helped us to close almost every audit at the desk audit stage. Additionally, the consultants at EMSC provide training to our HR staff as well as host several AAP webinars each year. They have traveled to many of our locations providing EEO and I-9 training requested specifically by our business unit leaders." Workforce Representation & Diversity Manager

"Our company has been a client of EEO Made Simple (EMSC) for several years now. The first year we utilized their complete service as a result of an audit and closed it out without a single EEO violation. The EMSC team is very professional and any questions that arise they have only been a phone call away. Their response is quick, the staff is pleasant and very patient!! Email notifications are sent periodically keeping us updated on notable affirmative action changes. If there is anything more that can be done by them, I truly do not know what it would be. They are awesome." HR Director

"EEO Made Simple (EMSC) has provided prompt, efficient and quality customer service to our organization for several years. Their AAPs are well organized and easy to decipher. The project team is always pleasant, accessible and willing to assist in any way. Additionally, they have provided expertise and support during our recent US Department of Labor audit. We are very pleased with their service." Employee Relations Manager

Feedback From AAPMaker Users

"I was very nervous when I received my first audit letter. I read the very positive testimonials from other AAPMaker users who have had successful audits and was reassured. After testing the tool, I found it to be very straightforward and easy to use and so I became comfortable enough to give it a try. I am glad I did. My audit went well without a single violation. In fact, the auditor liked the layout and format of my reports. She was impressed that I submitted the results of the Two-standard Deviation and Fisher's Exact tests for my hiring, promotion and termination activities. I must say that my journey through what could have been a nightmare was a breeze! Now, I completely trust this product and will use nothing else. I recommend this product to all HR professionals." Brenda Jones, Chicago

"I have used several affirmative action software over the years but I must say that the AAPMaker is the simplest software I have ever used to develop an Affirmative Action Plan (AAP). The price fits right into our budget, and the customer support is outstanding. I use the software every year to develop my company's fifteen AAPs. The Executive Summary report it generates is quite helpful. I use it when I meet with my senior managers to help them understand their organization's placements goals, gaps and risks areas. The consultants at EEO Made Simple have also been very helpful when I called with questions. It appears that they are always current with the regulations. A great product!" Richard Feuerstein, Miami.

What Adverse Impact Analyzer (AIA) Users Wanted Everyone to Know

"As a non-profit organization, price is a central concern for us. Not only was the software reasonably priced, the Adverse Impact Analyzer prepared the exact analyses needed in order for us to respond effectively to the reporting requirements of our Conciliation Agreement. The staff at EEO Made Simple volunteered to review our problem areas and supplied this vital software to assist us to meet our report submission deadline and to proactively monitor our selection process going forward. In addition to meeting our affirmative action needs, we were delighted to know that the Adverse Impact Analyzer performs an age group analysis to help us avoid other EEO liability. I give EEO Made Simple an A+ in quality and service!" Sonya Thornton, Tucson AZ

"As a human resources manager, it is always tough to have to lay off employees. It is even harder when you are uncertain whether your organization's decisions will have an adverse impact against any group of employees. During our lay off last year, we wanted to do the right thing from a human stand point but we also wanted a tool to crunch the numbers for us so we could avoid adverse impact. EEO Made Simple's Adverse Impact Analyzer was literally a money-saver for us! While we made our decisions based on legitimate business reasons, it was a relief to have this simple-to-use, inexpensive software to analyze our decisions so we could mitigate possible financial liability. Thanks EEO Made Simple!" Diane Koebel, Columbus MS.

Feedback From AppTrac Users

"EEO Made Simple, every time I use your applicant tracking software, AppTrac, it feels as though it was made just for me! I love it because is very simple, easy to use, and frankly, as a small growing company it fits perfectly into my budget! We received an OFCCP compliance review audit a few months ago and were proud to present the Agency the applicant data we tracked in AppTrac. Your AppTrac performs an automatic adverse impact analyses as a candidate is selected for hire. So we don't have to wait until my AAP is developed to hear the bad news that we have adverse impact in selection. I have been in HR for twenty-six years and I have never seen something like this. Plus, the easy-to-interpret reports produced from the software helps us to recruitment more effectively and avoid potential risks during compliance audits." Christine Mahoney, New York

"We purchased EEO Made Simple’s applicant tracking software (AppTrac) because we needed a system that would allow us to effectively track our applicants, bring us into compliance and also fit into our limited budget. The AppTrac was perfect! We were able to monitor our hiring activities for adverse impact so there were no surprises at the end of the year. When we got audited by the OFCCP the following year, we had the exact applicant data that we needed for the AAP. We were even able to use the applicant notes that we keep directly in AppTrac to answer follow-up questions. Needless to say, we passed our audit with no violation. I never thought that something so comprehensive would be accessible to a small business like mine. Thank you, EEO Made Simple." Mike Williams, Encino CA

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