How We Help

How we help

Our Job is to help our clients minimize risks

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We Develop Easy-to-read, Cost-effective Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs) for Our Clients

  • We help you capture data from your HRIS and payroll systems.
  • We reconcile data and prepare AAP(s) in a format which is easy to understand yet compliant.
  • We deliver AAPs that are ready for audit submission.

We Provide OFCCP Audit Support to our Clients

  • Our consultants work closely with your audit team to prepare and present the desk audit submission materials to meet the OFCCP’s thirty-day deadline.
  • We help you respond to OFCCP questions related to desk audit submission materials.

We Provide OFCCP Conciliation Agreement Reporting Support

  • We analyze transaction data and prepare required reports and adverse impact analyses to meet OFCCP’s submission deadlines.
  • If adverse impact is found in any employment selection for a reporting period, we work closely with you to determine stages of selection, conduct “fall out stage” analyses (two standard deviation and Fisher’s Exact test) and determine which selection step (if any) created adverse impact.
  • If adverse impact is found in any stage of the selection process, we provide assistance to develop an action plan to review and address the adverse impact. We also work with you to write the action plan narrative to present to the OFCCP.

We Provide Training to Our Clients

  • We keep you abreast of developments in EEO and affirmative action regulations through email notifications throughout the year.
  • We provide in-depth training and education throughout the Affirmative Action Plan development cycle.
  • Once the AAP is delivered, we provide training including an executive summary on how to interpret the AAP reports, communicate goals, avoid adverse impact and ways to improve recruitment strategies.

Our Training Options include:

  1. Online Training – We offer customized online training programs to suit your needs.
  2. On-site Training – We develop and deliver onsite training to meet your specific needs on subjects like Diversity and Inclusion, Affirmative Action 101, How to Perform Well in an Audit, etc.
  3. Other Training Options – We develop the training materials for you and provide coaching so you can deliver it to your team.

We Conduct Compensation Analyses for Our Clients

  • When it comes to compensation analysis, we believe one size does not fit all. We review your data and recommend an approach that meets the current OFCCP guidelines and determine if there are any disparities in pay.
  • The analysis can range from a ‘Means Analysis’ to a rigorous ‘Multiple Regression Analysis’.
  • At the end of compensation study, confidential findings and recommendations are provided to you.

We Help Clients Track AAP Progress Throughout The Year

  • We can assist in the preparation of quarterly or semi-annual reports to allow you to track the progress you have made against targets and proactively position you to avoid adverse impact in selection.

We Conduct Mock OFCCP Audits of Our Clients EEO Processes

  • We can conduct a mock audit of your AAP and supporting records (desk or onsite).
  • Confidential findings and recommendations are provided so you can correct any violations found.

We Help Clients File Their Annual EEO-1 and Vets-4212 Reports

  • We help you capture data from your internal systems.
  • We reconcile your workforce data and file your EEO-1 and Vets-4212 Reports.

We Help Clients Conduct Ad Hoc Reviews and Reconciliation of Their Employment Data

  • This proactive approach helps you to ensure ongoing data consistency and integrity and avoid EEO financial risks.
  • We reconcile and analyze your applicant, hiring, promotion and termination data to avoid year-end adverse impact.

We Conduct Audits of Immigration I-9 Forms

  • Our goal is to help clients create a culture of compliance so they can respond to any U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) audit with confidence.
  • We can conduct an audit of your immigration I-9 forms to make sure they are correctly completed and maintained.

We Help Clients Respond of EEOC Discrimination Charges

  • If a charge is filed against your organization, let us conduct the investigation, gather information and prepare the Position Statement on your behalf.
  • We can serve as the interface between your organization and the EEOC.

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